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Carrie and Andrew HurleyFrom the Highlands of Papua New Guinea to the jungles of Brazil to the castles of Northern Ireland to the mountains of Peru to the exotic beauty of Thailand, we have had the privilege to live and travel. 

Travel changes you…or at least it should.  Connecting with new people in breathtaking places expands your worldview in a way you cannot imagine until you experience it. 

  • Eating salad at a roadside stand in Thailand that is so spicy it makes you cry. 
  • Examining castles built thousands of years ago that are still standing. 
  • Standing where history makers stood. 

We are globally connected to one another, to our past, to our future.  By helping others travel, we help people move beyond “we and they” to “us and them.”

Both of us lived internationally with our families as children, and the experience changed each of us.  We are not the same kiddos who left.  We have assimilated characteristics of the culture we each lived in and the cultures of the expatriate community, and we wouldn’t change it.  Having friends and experiences around the globe is priceless!  Early in our marriage, we considered applying for the Amazing Race, but realized that we would probably not even qualify with the friends that we are blessed to have globally! Ha!

Who are we now?  We are homeschool parents who still have the bug to travel, but we want to do it with our children now.  Roadtripping is a great option for us, but we really want our kiddos to have a cross-cultural experience like we did!  Having a travel business enables us to work from anywhere we have wifi.  Woot!

Why do we want to help you to travel?  We know, experientially so, what it does to a person – deepens relationships, expands worldviews, makes for more interesting interconnected people!  Too, we love to put together the puzzle of what you want in a vacation in a way that encompasses more than you had envisioned.  Come visit with us to see how we can make a difference for you!

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